Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Celebration of Sarah's Birthday

Celebrating a birthday when you live in such a tight space and have no room for gifts can be challenging. We chose to go sightseeing as part of the gift. The trip took us to Tupelo, MS where we celebrated by going to the birthplace of Elvis. The outhouse in the picture is the real deal and was the outhouse beside Elvis' house and his family church. The best part of it was that there is actually a plexiglass wall that protects the royal pooper.

After that excitement we went in to downtown Tupelo for some shopping when the most amazing thing happened, and I do mean amazing. As we came around a downtown corner a balloon blew right into me. I looked at the balloon and incredibly it said Happy Birthday/SURPRISE! and it has a picture of a dog delivering the message. That it landed with Sarah on her birthday was too much of a coincidence. We don't know who the angel is that is watching over her but we sure are grateful (the picture of Sarah above shows the balloon).

We then went to a National Fish Hatchery. We went right up to the front office where the sweetest park ranger, her name was Laura, jumped up and gave us a complete tour of the hatchery from the eggs to the baby fish and eventually to adults. I don't know if you can tell from the goofy picture of me with a stuffed Alligator Gar but wow is that one impressive fish! In the hatchery one of the rangers netted a 10 month old Alligator Gar that showed us its teeth which were pretty dadgum impressive. In addition it has armor like skin that will cut you like a razor. It is not an aggressive fish so they are reintroducing it into areas where dangerous Snakehead fish have been illegally released. We finished the day with a meal and birthday cake from Piggly- Wiggly back in Red Bay Alabama. All in all a glorious day of fun especially when we throw in a visit to a ready made dog park behind the Baptist Church where the babies got to play.

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