Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dismals Canyon

Today's hike was superb! It left us feeling youthful and refreshed. Dismals Canyon is an historic oasis filled with waterfalls, winding paths up cliffs and through caves, with lush greenery abound. Add in plenty of fresh pine scented air and it was like a playground for all of our souls.
Bela & Torben jumped in the water at every opportunity. Bela swam blissfully down stream as we paralleled her on the path through the woods. Even old Rodeo felt rejeuvinated and romped like a puppy up and down the trails.
Needless to say there was a harmony of snores from the couch upon our return. There are few things things that make me happier than watching my family's delight. It was an excellent day!!
Yesterday had some ominous weather; luckily mother nature spared us and left this double rainbow as her parting gift.

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