Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Night....and day

We've done a whole lot of nothing this week, and we're exhausted!
Leaving Alabama was a nightmare: everything that could go wrong, did. Besides having work done on our motor home and repairing the car we spent several days at the vet. We were loaded to leave, the car was hooked up and we were attempting to pull out of the park – if you’re a dog owner you know the importance of “one last time” before getting on the road. So I took Rodeo out one last time to ensure smooth traveling, when I opened the door to hop back in Blaze jumped right out the door. Unfortunately he did not judge his leap well and rolled down the stairs jaggedly fracturing his leg in three places. A local vet examined him but said the fractures were too complex to treat. I disobeyed every speed limit on my two-and-a-half-hour mission to the nearest orthopedic veterinary specialist. Thankfully a very skilled doctor and his team in Birmingham performed the surgery. The doctor was happy to report that they were able to save his leg (Amen!), and that with the amount of pins, screws and metal plates in his leg he is probably setting off every metal detector within a five mile radius. Our travel plans were halted for several days to make sure he was able to recoup a little. Poor guy is supposed to spend the next 12 weeks in a 4x4 pen, not much fun for a traveling dog, but we set up a makeshift little quarantine in our bus and he seems to be adjusting just fine. The other dogs have been very protective of him, in a way that I found both surprising and endearing. By the way, if anyone ever has the unfortunate experience of having a pet undergo surgery the anesthesia can have one nasty side effect: constipation. What follows constipation? Let’s just say open windows and air fresheners are not enough. But besides that (and the 40+ staples that look like railroad tracks) he’s in pretty good shape.
Our trip plans have changed a lot as a result of this. He has to be back in Birmingham for several check-ups over the next 12 weeks, so it looks like traveling to the far west coast is out of our grasp this summer. Bummer. But in true noMadson fashion, we are determined not to let this spoil our fun and keep moving fo'ward. When we finally escaped the grasp of Alabama’s ridiculous red tide we landed in Nashville at the home of Jaime & Wade Dye and their daughter, Ruby. Some people have good friends, some people have great friends, I have been blessed to have an incredible friend who helps me to laugh, cry, and rekindle my soul. And I did just that. We were treated to fresh organic fruit on the patio for breakfast and sat down to homemade soup and freshly slathered garlic bread for dinner and filled every moment in between with the stuff day dreams are made of. I was having so much fun I forgot to take many pictures.
Ruby embodies the free spirit every two year-old should have (and what most adults should strive to remember). I spent hours doodling with her on the wall of her play room, kicking a big red ball, and playing dress up in a gazillion costumes. Ruby’s great combo was a tiger mask and poodle skirt. Jaime fashioned a witch’s hat that dangled a spider, meanwhile I rocked it in a furry red “pimpin” hat and scarf and green lady bug sunglasses. Life is good when you’re two (or at least acting like it). She cracked me up by complaining to her mom that her arm itched because of a "musqweektoe" bite. One of Ruby’s favorite things is to be upside down, whether watching cartoons or being twirled around by her ankles. In my yoga practice this morning, under the canopy of their tall oak trees, I found myself in a downward dog pose and laughed at how histarically right she is…the world does look great upside down. “Ruby-vision”, from now on when I need a change in perspective I’ll employ it. Funny how a two-year old can become an inspiration and model for a 33 year-old.

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  1. Hooray! I am so glad you are here! I know that peace has several meanings. It makes me happy you and Jaime add peace to each other. :)