Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Huntsville...(last stop in Alabama?)

Good fortune smiled upon the noMadsons today. I enjoyed a warm and fulfilling yoga practice listening to the early morning birds and watching the fog rise in the Smokey Mountains. With a morning like that its hard to let the day go sour. Our little scout vehicle came through Honda break auto surgery fairing better than we expected. Hooray! She was returned to us ahead of time and under estimated cost (how often does that happen?). Jerry Damson, Huntsville Honda - we salute you!
In the spirit of giving, well, rather lightening our load, we carved out a few more things that were unessential to our trip and dropped them off back at the animal shelter we visited last week. Nina and her staff were grateful and we were happy to see their thrift store was quite busy. The report on little kitty - which they are naming Lando or Ory (due to us being from Orlando) - is good, the vet was checking him out when we visited. Torben and I were disappointed that we were unable to see him, but later decided it was for the better; one goodbye was tough, two, well that probably wouldn't have happened, you catch my drift? We also wanted to include the web site/mailing info for any of you bleeding souls who wish to help out a great cause:
Nina Beal (founder)
The Ark, Inc.
139 Bo Cole Rd.
Huntsville, AL 35806
(256) 851-4088
Kitty indirectly brought us closer to another great wonder. On our way back from the shelter Torben slid across three lanes of traffic for this little gem: Ellen's Creative Cakes. This lady could very well be the 9th great wonder of the world. She is a baker, the old fashioned kind, where everything that comes out of her kitchen is from scratch. She imports her ingredients for the freshest and richest flavors. She makes everything from gluten-free and vegan to lard-loaded and divine. Better yet- she offers free samples!! Ellen sat with us and shared her passion for baking. She explained why she carefullly selects her ingredients and which flavors best compliment one another. I felt like I was sitting front row in Cake Batter 101. I don't know if it was the glazed over look in our eyes or the drool coming off my chin but Miss Ellen gave us a take-home sample of EVERY cake, filling, and icing - for us to sample, mix, and enjoy!! I'm sure she is this nice to everyone, she seemed to have that way about her. So, I have 50+ different cake combinations sitting in my freezer. I wonder who I could get to share them with me? Aunt Darla, Uncle Herman, Jaime, Wade, we're headed your way- it may soon be your lucky day! (Provided I can keep my husband from devouring them!)
So, I think we have made the best of our journey through northern Alabama. Tomorrow we head out, again, in an attempt to see yet another beautiful state. Chattanooga, Nashville....here come the noMadsons!

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